finishing up mbts thingy
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Storage /
2006-09-12 mikerfinishing up mbts thingy
2006-09-11 mikeradding mbts builder to storage
2006-08-04 mikerremoving vestigial actor::profile stuff
2006-07-17 mikermake sure fields do not auto-flesh into a CDBI hash...
2006-06-29 mikerremoving some unneeded (and scare) rels
2006-06-14 mikeradding owning_lib to rels
2006-05-13 mikerbug fix -- we do not use actor::profile any more, now...
2006-05-07 mikeradding tons of relationships
2006-04-20 mikerbug fix on update of user objects
2006-04-20 mikerbug fix on update of null fields
2006-04-19 mikernull cleared fields
2006-02-20 mikerfixing COPY create method since fieldmapper only has...
2006-02-11 mikerrefactored copy targeter to use new JS copy tester...
2006-02-08 mikermoving spurious error message out of the way
2006-01-30 mikermoving to UNIVERSAL::require to suck in implementation...
2005-12-12 mikerfixing return value for "merge"
2005-12-01 ericksonadded qw(:level) to because we were getting...
2005-11-30 mikernew "container" stuff ... where the buckets live
2005-11-17 miker"grocery" catchall billing
2005-11-16 mikerfixed debuging code ...
2005-11-16 mikerfixed thinko in delete
2005-11-15 mikerwell, there we go ... update is fixed :)
2005-11-07 mikertada! the new worm
2005-09-16 mikerthrow error on "optimistic locking" failure detection
2005-08-30 mikerinitial (perl-side) authority support
2005-08-24 mikeradjusting the merge and remote_update interfaces
2005-07-29 mikermaking the hold targeter (much! about 2x) faster
2005-07-29 mikeradding "merge" and "remote_update" methods. these...
2005-07-26 mikermaking hold capture processor faster
2005-07-15 mikerfixed minor bug with using Fieldmapper to find class...
2005-07-15 mikerupdating money handling; adding readonly fieldmapper...
2005-07-08 mikerabstract search method
2005-07-05 mikeradded "due_date"
2005-07-01 mikerfixing regex and fts searching
2005-07-01 mikeradding search_fts and search_regex
2005-06-29 miker"copy" conficts with CDBI, renaming to target_copy
2005-06-29 mikeradding hold notification targets and hold_copy_map
2005-06-23 mikerhold stuff
2005-06-22 mikerupdating permission API
2005-06-20 mikerbug fix
2005-06-20 mikerpermission stuff
2005-05-10 mikeradded series stuff and updated hint for actor::stat_cat*
2005-05-09 mikerarg... one last field name adjustment
2005-05-09 mikerfield name adjustments
2005-05-06 mikerarg! cdbi is getting complex... need to restructure
2005-05-06 mikerCDBI hates me... collecting stat_cat_entries by hand
2005-05-04 mikeradding user and asset stat_cat stuff
2005-04-26 mikercirc rules fixups
2005-04-25 mikeradding circulation rule config stuff
2005-04-21 mikerretrieve_all methods and bug fixen
2005-04-20 mikerbig changes... big
2005-04-19 mikeradding "available" to copy counts; adding mailing/billi...
2005-04-14 mikerfleshed out "actor.usr" interface, and stream behavior...
2005-04-12 mikerbig changes in little china
2005-04-11 mikerrecord_marc is now merged into record_entry
2005-04-08 mikeradding billing and circulation stuff to the Storage...
2005-04-05 mikertons of storage server changes... see diffs
2005-03-29 mikerupdated Storage server
2005-03-18 mikerbug fixes for storage and fieldmapper
2005-03-16 mikerasset setup
2005-03-16 mikerstorage server stuff
2005-03-14 mikereet leevs
2005-03-11 mikeradding full marc21 record support
2005-03-11 mikerautomatic generation of most "Publish" methods
2005-03-11 mikerfixed transaction support and tested with updates to...
2005-03-10 mikeradded "import" wrapper for the relationship setup
2005-03-10 mikernew magic fieldmapper and updated SQL stuff
2005-03-10 mikeradded tons more SQL level stuff... I am going to bed now
2005-03-09 mikerremoving a debugging warn
2005-03-09 mikeradded super-fast fieldmap builder and magical (though...
2005-03-08 mikerupdating fields to match reality
2005-03-06 mikeradded actor and asset stuff to CDBI
2005-03-01 mikerdisable parent_node redirect for now
2005-03-01 mikeradded ordering for data nodes on a record_entry
2005-02-28 mikerEETS ALIVE!!!!!!!
2005-02-26 mikerfilling in the SQL holes...
2005-02-25 mikerlots of cleanup... no testing yet, no data to test
2005-02-25 mikercontainer module for the base Class::DBI stuff in CDBI