fixed debuging code ...
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Circ /
2005-11-15 ericksonpatched up to return permission errors instead of chock...
2005-09-02 ericksonchanged renewal to opac_renewal for now
2005-08-05 ericksonsome small changes
2005-07-27 ericksonmore circ love
2005-07-27 ericksonreturning circ on transiting LOST
2005-07-27 ericksonfixing up some lost items handling
2005-07-26 ericksonmore holds bug fixes
2005-07-26 ericksonadding money
2005-07-25 ericksonsee diffs. lots of small changes, extra logging, bug...
2005-07-21 ericksonmore more more... see diffs
2005-07-21 ericksonmore holds and transit mangling
2005-07-20 ericksonmore holds capturing, transits, etc.
2005-07-20 ericksonmore work on holds capturing, adding permissions, etc
2005-07-19 ericksonnever used
2005-07-19 ericksonadding more permissions and exceptions related to the...
2005-07-18 ericksonsmall tweaks, see diffs
2005-07-15 ericksonrenew now accepts either a circ object or a circ id
2005-07-14 ericksonrenewals, new exceptions, batch searches, etc.
2005-07-12 ericksonadded the core circ renewal code. it runs the permit_r...
2005-07-12 ericksonadded hold update and cancel code..
2005-07-12 ericksonfixing some bugs, adding permission calls, adding some...
2005-07-08 mikerminor bug fixes
2005-07-07 ericksonadded logic for checking to see if a copy is allowed...
2005-07-06 ericksonupdated storage 'search' methods to be atomic
2005-07-01 ericksonupdated mods parser with new virtual_record fields
2005-06-29 ericksonholds logic lives here..
2005-05-18 ericksonmoving, faster than the speed of light
2005-05-17 ericksonretrieve.required now fleshes the surveys returned
2005-05-16 ericksondemo, coming fast
2005-05-13 ericksononward and upward
2005-05-09 ericksonLet the onslaught continue...
2005-05-06 ericksonaaahhhh, demo
2005-05-05 ericksonadded methods for user/copy map retrieval and creation
2005-05-05 ericksonstat cat retrieval and creation working
2005-05-04 ericksonearly statcat code. needs much fixin
2005-05-04 ericksonadded global opac random surveys
2005-05-04 ericksoncontinuing
2005-05-03 ericksonSurveys!
2005-05-02 ericksoncleaning up code from cat days.
2005-04-28 ericksonadding methods
2005-04-27 ericksonbasic circulation
2005-04-20 ericksonadded card and address update
2005-04-20 ericksoncurrently can add a new patron with it's new addresses...
2005-04-20 ericksonbeginnings of the actor portion of the circ stuff