fleshing transits on uber hold method
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Circ / Holds.pm
2006-09-05 ericksonfleshing transits on uber hold method
2006-09-03 ericksonadded full details hold method
2006-09-03 pinesmove to id lists for bulk hold retrieval. Now need...
2006-09-02 ericksonadded notify fleshing to another method
2006-09-01 ericksonadded notify_time and notify_count fleshing method
2006-08-31 ericksonadded method to return all holds that point to a given...
2006-08-20 ericksoncalling hold targeter at runtime for copy-level holds
2006-08-18 ericksonremoved some old code
2006-08-17 ericksonfixed perm checks
2006-08-16 ericksonadded log and note
2006-08-14 ericksonsimplified hold status logic to rely on existing data
2006-08-11 ericksonchaning status to reshelving if on-holds-shelf for...
2006-08-10 ericksonremoved some unused code
2006-08-09 ericksonadded first-draft hold notification code - sans any...
2006-08-09 ericksondelete hold_copy_maps on hold cancel and hold fulfillme...
2006-08-08 ericksonchecking perm only on different requestor
2006-08-08 ericksonfleshing hold transits on more hold retrieval methods
2006-08-06 ericksonlogic bug from constants switch
2006-08-06 ericksonmore constants updates
2006-08-06 ericksonmoved constants out to their own module, updating code
2006-08-04 ericksoncommented out some deprecated code
2006-08-04 ericksonmoved to cancel_time on hold as opposed to deleting it
2006-08-03 ericksonsetting copy back to 'reshelving' if a captured hold...
2006-07-29 ericksonadded dup-holds override perm and ability to opac
2006-07-28 ericksondisallowing holds if patron barred
2006-07-28 ericksontype of hold perm now checked against the requestor
2006-07-27 ericksonadded smarter method for finding holds that a copy...
2006-07-13 mikeranother typo
2006-07-13 mikeranother round of updates ...
2006-07-13 mikermoving to cstore for all basic search/retrevial
2006-06-28 ericksonmoved script building to a generic framework using...
2006-06-16 ericksonchanged duplicate holds test to look at formats for...
2006-05-25 ericksoncode now checks for duplicate holds, an .override versi...
2006-05-10 ericksonremoving deprecated code
2006-05-08 ericksonupdated not-found event names
2006-05-04 ericksonadded method
2006-05-03 ericksonforcing selection_ou on server side if not set on clien...
2006-05-01 phasefxMore uglifying of Bill's middle layer :)
2006-04-28 ericksontypo
2006-04-28 ericksonadded hold reset method
2006-04-27 ericksontypo
2006-04-26 ericksonsmall cleanup
2006-04-13 phasefxthis is just to get me going.. needs fixing or merging...
2006-04-13 mikeradding "transit" virtual field on hold_request for...
2006-03-13 ericksonadded method to create and retrieve hold notifications
2006-03-10 ericksonCreated holds list interface and method to pull the...
2006-02-09 ericksontweaks
2006-02-09 ericksonadded in a copy_transit_create method
2006-02-07 ericksonmore progress on renewals
2006-02-06 ericksonmore work on plugging in the renewal code
2006-01-27 ericksonnow have non-cataloged items checkouts working with...
2006-01-06 ericksonmore utility methods
2005-12-15 ericksonadded ROUTE_COPY event and returning it from the hold...
2005-12-14 ericksonfixed bug in Holds.pm
2005-12-14 ericksonfixed some bugs/typos
2005-12-14 ericksonadded some more object not found events
2005-12-13 ericksonpatched up some typos
2005-12-13 ericksonmoved some login/perm checks to the new simpler API...
2005-12-09 ericksonXUL based holds work. Need to test from within the...
2005-07-27 ericksonfixing up some lost items handling
2005-07-26 ericksonmore holds bug fixes
2005-07-25 ericksonsee diffs. lots of small changes, extra logging, bug...
2005-07-21 ericksonmore more more... see diffs
2005-07-21 ericksonmore holds and transit mangling
2005-07-20 ericksonmore holds capturing, transits, etc.
2005-07-20 ericksonmore work on holds capturing, adding permissions, etc
2005-07-19 ericksonadding more permissions and exceptions related to the...
2005-07-12 ericksonadded hold update and cancel code..
2005-07-12 ericksonfixing some bugs, adding permission calls, adding some...
2005-07-06 ericksonupdated storage 'search' methods to be atomic
2005-07-01 ericksonupdated mods parser with new virtual_record fields
2005-06-29 ericksonholds logic lives here..