added method to see last X users who checked out a given copy
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application /
2006-02-13 ericksonadded method to see last X users who checked out a...
2006-02-03 ericksonadding copy_location related code ... module plus test...
2006-01-30 ericksonmade checkout methods take hash refs instead of named...
2006-01-27 ericksoncreated an in-house use creation method
2006-01-25 ericksonadded the beginnings of the noncat code + events
2006-01-20 ericksonadding permit script. permit circ now basically functions
2006-01-05 ericksonsome small cleaning
2006-01-03 ericksonadded debug line
2005-12-29 ericksonon the "Checked Out" tab of MYOPAC, title and author...
2005-12-14 ericksonadded some more object not found events
2005-12-14 ericksonadded some NOT_FOUND events for record, copy, and circ...
2005-11-17 ericksonadded some money methods
2005-11-17 ericksoncirc.checkedout only returns items that are actually...
2005-07-26 ericksontrucking along
2005-07-22 ericksonmovin on, adding exceptions, more more more
2005-07-21 ericksonmore more more... see diffs
2005-07-19 ericksonadding more permissions and exceptions related to the...
2005-07-14 ericksonrenewals, new exceptions, batch searches, etc.
2005-07-06 ericksonupdated storage 'search' methods to be atomic
2005-07-01 ericksonupdated mods parser with new virtual_record fields
2005-06-21 ericksonmore batch committing
2005-05-06 ericksonaaahhhh, demo
2005-05-02 ericksoncleaning up code from cat days.
2005-04-28 ericksonadding methods
2005-04-20 ericksoncirc husk and z39 basic search module