added a common entityize function to prevent the contining spread
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application / Cat /
2006-05-10 ericksonadded a reminder to remove when the BRNs are removed
2005-07-26 ericksonmore install goodness, fixed some bugs, etc
2005-03-29 ericksonmoved the mods code to the new Utils/ModsParser package
2005-03-15 ericksonfixing so jason can search
2005-03-14 ericksonmoved some universal methods to AppUtils, Cat and...
2005-03-13 ericksoncleaned up a lot of unnecessary cat code, rearranged...
2005-03-12 ericksonadded handling for new marcxml format
2005-03-10 ericksoncleaned up some of the class casting
2005-03-09 ericksonfixed logic error in nodeset2tree regarding detecting...
2005-03-09 ericksoncommit just returns true or null
2005-03-08 ericksonadded a batch method for taking one marcxml nodeset...
2005-03-07 ericksonadding more utility methods, more to come
2005-03-04 ericksonfixed logic error in adding children to the tree
2005-03-04 ericksonsome cleaning
2005-03-04 ericksonupdated to use Fieldmapper
2005-03-04 ericksonadded method that will convert a tree back to a nodelist
2005-03-03 ericksonearly catalogue code. currently just turns a nodeset...