Bill, would you sanity check this? appears to work on dev
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / perlmods / OpenILS / Application /
2006-09-05 pinesBill, would you sanity check this? appears to work...
2006-08-06 ericksonmoved constants out to their own module, updating code
2006-08-04 ericksonmoved to cancel_time on hold as opposed to deleting it
2006-08-02 ericksonsanity check
2006-07-28 ericksonadded check for inactive card
2006-07-27 ericksonbailing out early on a call so it does not go to cstore...
2006-07-17 ericksonput container handling inside cstore transactions,...
2006-07-14 ericksontypo
2006-07-13 ericksonupdating cstore request
2006-07-13 mikeranother typo
2006-07-13 mikerminor fixes
2006-07-13 mikeranother round of updates ...
2006-07-13 ericksontypo
2006-07-13 mikermoving to cstore for all basic search/retrevial
2006-06-30 ericksonupdated xact retrieval to do a ranged retrieval by...
2006-06-28 ericksonslimmed down the generic requestor
2006-06-28 ericksonmoved script building to a generic framework using...
2006-06-16 ericksonadded some debugging
2006-06-12 ericksonadded circ fetcher which includes stop_fines items
2006-05-08 ericksonadded some logging
2006-05-08 ericksonupdated not-found event names
2006-05-05 ericksonbug fixes, clean up
2006-05-03 ericksonupdate to match autogenerated not-found events. more...
2006-04-26 ericksonmore copy status handling
2006-04-26 mikeradding hours_of_operation and closed_date -- all must...
2006-04-25 ericksonbreaking out of the storage session fetcher early to...
2006-04-17 ericksonadded billing void method
2006-04-06 ericksonremoved the authtoken requirement from penalty method
2006-04-05 ericksonremoved patron penalty info from circ scripts and from...
2006-04-03 ericksonfixed logic error
2006-03-27 ericksoncaching org units in AppUtils
2006-03-24 ericksonadded utility method
2006-03-17 erickson checking for deleted on call_number searches
2006-03-17 ericksonchecking for deleted == false on copy searches
2006-03-06 ericksonstarted work on the notes interface in the opac.
2006-03-06 ericksonadded retrieval methods for title, call_number, and...
2006-03-01 ericksonadded some utility methods, cleaned up the search code...
2006-02-16 ericksonsome more utility methods
2006-02-16 ericksonmore circ tweaks to get the behavior right
2006-02-15 ericksonfirst round of new circ checkin logic. more testing...
2006-02-13 erickson tweaked some utility methods
2006-02-13 ericksonmore checkout code
2006-02-09 ericksontweaks
2006-02-09 ericksonadded in a copy_transit_create method
2006-02-08 ericksonbasic circulation (checkout, renew, checkin) is now...
2006-02-06 ericksonmore work on plugging in the renewal code
2006-02-03 ericksonadding copy_location related code ... module plus test...
2006-01-30 ericksonMore circ work
2006-01-25 ericksonadded the beginnings of the noncat code + events
2006-01-24 ericksonadded batch version of perm.highest_org and now make...
2006-01-23 ericksonstat cat editor now loads stat cat perms at page load...
2006-01-23 ericksonadded permission checks to stat_cat methods
2006-01-20 ericksonadded utility method for fethching a single org unit
2006-01-17 ericksonadded a callnumber fetching method with accompanying...
2006-01-09 ericksonmore circ utility code
2006-01-06 ericksonmore utility methods
2006-01-06 ericksonadded code to grab patron circ summary
2006-01-05 ericksonsome small cleaning
2005-12-19 ericksonadded some events, utility code, container handling...
2005-12-15 ericksonadded ROUTE_COPY event and returning it from the hold...
2005-12-15 ericksonmoving more stuff to event / utility code
2005-12-14 ericksonfixed some bugs/typos
2005-12-14 ericksonadded some more object not found events
2005-12-14 ericksonadded some NOT_FOUND events for record, copy, and circ...
2005-12-13 ericksonpatched up some typos
2005-12-12 ericksonmore work with containers.
2005-12-09 ericksonXUL based holds work. Need to test from within the...
2005-12-08 ericksonadded a generic bucket retrievel method, handling NO_SE...
2005-12-07 ericksonadded method to retrieve fleshed bucket by id
2005-12-07 ericksonadded a NO_SESSION event for when a login session does...
2005-12-05 ericksonadding new event code
2005-12-02 ericksonadding initial container code.. many methods to be...
2005-07-25 ericksonsee diffs. lots of small changes, extra logging, bug...
2005-07-20 ericksonmore work on holds capturing, adding permissions, etc
2005-06-22 ericksonAdding some initial permissions code
2005-06-21 ericksonmore batch committing
2005-05-02 ericksoncleaning up code from cat days.
2005-04-20 ericksonadded slim org tree retrievel function
2005-04-11 ericksonadded much, moving fast ;)
2005-04-06 ericksonadded org_type to the org tree
2005-04-05 mikertons of storage server changes... see diffs
2005-03-18 ericksonrefactored sorting
2005-03-18 ericksontrucking along
2005-03-17 ericksontruckin, along
2005-03-16 ericksonadding more search methods
2005-03-16 ericksonmoving forward, added wormizing
2005-03-15 ericksonjust keeping up to date
2005-03-14 ericksonmoved some universal methods to AppUtils, Cat and...