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adjusting backdate so it does not clear fines for "today" (the backdate day); fine...
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2006-09-06 ericksonreturning overridable copy-on-holds-shelf event on...
2006-09-01 ericksonprotect empty string
2006-08-31 mikermore updates ... more diffs
2006-08-31 mikerupdates ... see diff
2006-08-31 ericksonadded some events
2006-08-29 mikerremoving dup stripping .... it is a unicorn problem
2006-08-27 ericksonmoved json parsing methods to non-printf style methods...
2006-08-24 mikerimport tweaks
2006-08-19 ericksonprint more info on bootstrap failure
2006-08-17 ericksonhold permit now conscious of script-builder failure...
2006-08-11 ericksonadded server-error event so offline process can die...
2006-08-10 ericksonadded some hold notify events
2006-08-08 ericksonadded a vol-transfer event
2006-08-07 ericksonadded some events
2006-08-03 ericksonadded age-protect logic to the hold permit code
2006-08-03 ericksonadded not-found event
2006-07-31 ericksonreturning event on login when the user is marked inactive
2006-07-31 ericksonreturning PATRON_CARD_INACTIVE when logging in with...
2006-07-28 ericksonadded check for inactive card
2006-07-27 mikerimporter parts
2006-07-17 mikerpipline fixups; integer qualities only, please
2006-07-14 mikermore import pipeline improvement
2006-07-13 ericksonfixed copy-paste error
2006-07-12 mikeradding simpler loader scripts
2006-07-07 ericksonadded collection tracker events
2006-07-06 ericksonadded IDL fetching
2006-06-28 ericksonadded copy range event
2006-06-19 ericksonpatched up the dup ident handing in the editor and...
2006-06-14 ericksonadded rec descriptors
2006-06-08 ericksonmore circ events, patched up penalty and circ scripts
2006-06-07 ericksontypo
2006-06-07 ericksonadded events
2006-06-06 mikeradding sequence support to fieldmapper IDL
2006-06-02 ericksonevent for bad Z queries
2006-05-25 ericksonadded event
2006-05-24 ericksonadded net_access_level selection to the user editor
2006-05-22 ericksonre-opening closed xact if a bill is voided and balance...
2006-05-12 ericksonnormalized some description
2006-05-10 ericksonremoved some dups
2006-05-09 mikeradding new open-ils.cstore app; moving new IDL generato...
2006-05-09 ericksonadded event
2006-05-08 ericksonnow checking if deleted == true. if so, disabling actio...
2006-05-08 ericksonadded autogenerated not-found events for basically...
2006-05-05 ericksonadded basic non-cat circs
2006-05-05 ericksonadding
2006-05-04 ericksonmild cleaning
2006-05-04 ericksonadded pid and basic stacktrace to the C event handler
2006-05-03 ericksonadded event description loading. lang currently defaul...
2006-05-03 ericksonupdate to match autogenerated not-found events. more...
2006-05-01 ericksoncreated overridable event for removing a biblio record...
2006-05-01 ericksonfixed logic typo in cat
2006-04-30 ericksonadded event for duplicate barcodes in copy create
2006-04-28 ericksonadded alternate event-based fleshed volume / copy updat...
2006-04-27 ericksonnot generating unused extcore file
2006-04-27 ericksonremoved the special FM objects for myopac since the...
2006-04-26 ericksonupdated biblio editing to work with xml (instead of...
2006-04-26 ericksonmore circ events
2006-04-25 ericksonadded some events
2006-04-20 mikeradding db port to build/install
2006-04-17 ericksonadded billing void method
2006-04-10 ericksonadded classes for record details page
2006-04-07 ericksonadded copy stat cat objects
2006-04-05 ericksonadded card not found
2006-04-05 ericksonadded copy location to basic fm
2006-04-02 ericksonadded more status info, fully executing and archiving
2006-03-31 ericksonadded descriptions to sessions and relying on session...
2006-03-30 ericksonadded offline event
2006-03-27 ericksoncaching org units in AppUtils
2006-03-27 ericksonoffline server now handles patron registration. remove...
2006-03-24 ericksonadded some offline events
2006-03-20 ericksonstarted working on the callnumber/copy details pane...
2006-03-06 ericksonadded notes to fm core for rdetail notes
2006-03-06 ericksonadded retrieval methods for title, call_number, and...
2006-03-03 ericksonOpen-ILS/src/c-apps/oils_auth.c
2006-02-27 mikermoving this over to opensrf
2006-02-25 ericksonupdated apachemods makefile to use the apachetools...
2006-02-25 mikeradded function implementation name
2006-02-21 ericksonmade the z searches more generic by allowing a service...
2006-02-19 mikerfixups, and starting a paged interface
2006-02-18 mikeradded an "all methods" option -- USE WITH CARE!!!
2006-02-18 mikerAPI documentation generator
2006-02-16 ericksonmore circ tweaks to get the behavior right
2006-02-15 ericksonreturning NO_CHANGE on duplicate scans in the correct...
2006-02-15 ericksonfirst round of new circ checkin logic. more testing...
2006-02-13 ericksonadded 'mb' object for myopac display
2006-02-13 ericksonadded log line
2006-02-08 ericksonadded simple request utilty to display fieldmapper...
2006-02-08 ericksonbasic circulation (checkout, renew, checkin) is now...
2006-02-07 ericksonmore progress on renewals
2006-02-06 ericksonmore work on plugging in the renewal code
2006-02-06 ericksonmore circ work on pre-cataloged items.
2006-02-03 ericksonadding copy_location related code ... module plus test...
2006-02-03 mikerminor bug fixes
2006-02-01 ericksonAdded permit key to circ permit calls and updated test...
2006-01-30 ericksonMore circ work
2006-01-27 mikermore opensearch fixup; bugfix for "no need to re-bootstrap"
2006-01-27 mikeropensearch cleanup
2006-01-25 ericksonadded the beginnings of the noncat code + events
2006-01-23 ericksonadded permission checks to stat_cat methods
2006-01-20 ericksonadded utility method for fethching a single org unit