libraries are now filtered on id (there are duplicate names, such as "Bookmobile")
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / extras / import /
2005-11-07 mikermoving back to marcdumper based import
2005-11-07 mikerhelper script to rewrite bib-rec xml
2005-11-07 mikerlet UTF8 happen automagically
2005-11-07 mikerallow any worm method to be called
2005-11-04 mikerfixing up the import process -- using the perl dumper
2005-08-16 mikermaking the import tools more generic (with PINES defaults)
2005-07-24 mikerdatabase creation stuff -- untested
2005-07-07 mikersyncing cvs with the real world
2005-05-06 mikernew, more better script over yonder in Evergreen
2005-04-08 mikersrfsh based batch worming script
2005-04-05 mikernow using srfsh to WoRM records
2005-04-05 mikermoving to evergreen tree
2005-03-29 mikerupdated import scripts (PINES specific, but a good...
2005-03-16 mikerexternal secondary worming script
2005-03-16 mikerasset schema and asset import script
2005-03-16 mikermoved wormizing code to another script
2005-03-14 mikereet leevs
2005-03-12 mikerworking regex!
2005-03-11 mikeradding full marc21 record support
2005-03-10 mikerit can import, but the logic needs some cleanup
2005-03-10 mikersome helper scripts for the database -- Pg-centric...
2005-03-04 mikermore exception reporting
2005-03-04 mikergrabbing just the tcn, not the vendor prefix
2005-03-03 mikertypo fix (thanks jason); first attempt at a COPY versio...
2005-03-02 mikeruse transaction interface
2005-03-01 mikerchanging server class names to match the new Namespace...
2005-02-28 mikerEETS ALIVE!!!!!!!
2005-02-28 mikeradding some utility scripts