LP#1924185: use preferred name before legal name in My Account
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14 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1881607 E-resource relationship labels
14 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1881607 Angular catalog located URIs
14 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1881607 Angular catalog e-resource links display
15 hours ago Tiffany LittleLP1906825 Flesh acqcr on PO search
16 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1891699 Ang grid column picker sorting
45 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1917944k: (follow-up) fix ng lint issue
45 hours ago Garry CollumLP1917944-Hold Pickup Library sometimes Empty
45 hours ago Andrea Buntz NeimanLP1925725 Relabel copy location filter to shelving...
45 hours ago Bill EricksonLP1926310 Record bucket batch edit destination
45 hours ago Galen CharltonLP#1927527: (follow-up) add comment
45 hours ago Dan BriemLP#1927527 Catalog: Root OU shelving locations do not...
2021-04-02 Terran McCannaLP1879769 Cannot Edit Carousels from Action Menu
2021-04-02 Dan BriemLP#1917495 Angular Catalog: Hold status in View Holds...
2021-04-02 Dan BriemLP#1920815 Item edit link displayed for all users
2021-03-31 Galen Charltonupdate Czech translations for Angular staff client
2021-03-19 Jane SandbergLP1873322: Angular Admin Pages default to workstation OU
2021-03-19 Dan BriemLP#1915323 Angular Staff Client Hamburger Menu Clipped...
2021-03-15 Galen CharltonlP#1863252: (follow-up) fix Angular lint
2021-03-15 Mike RylanderLP#1893997: Did you mean? Single word, single class
2021-03-11 Jason Etheridgelp1863252 fix Get Coordinates button in org admin
2021-03-11 Jason Etheridgelp1863252 toward geosort
2021-03-11 Mike RylanderLP#1815815: Library Groups
2021-03-10 Bill EricksonLP1908444 Support browse search record result sorting
2021-03-10 Jane SandbergLP1907977: Display course name and number in course...
2021-03-10 Bill EricksonLP1891550 Ang print context support; no-print contexts
2021-03-10 Galen CharltonLP#1852321: (follow-up) modernize loadChildren invocation
2021-03-10 Michele MorganLP1899405 - Add Part column to item table in Angular...
2021-03-10 Bill EricksonLP1885179 Staff catalog add results to basket
2021-03-08 Bill EricksonLP1865898 Missing pieces mult-scan work flow improvements
2021-03-08 Bill EricksonLP1865898 Scan Item as Missing Pieces Angular Port
2021-03-08 Mike Risherlp1852321 Angular Shelving Location Groups UI Port
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1838995: (follow-up) add Hold Groups to Angular...
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1913219: (follow-up) clean up ng lint warning
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1908763: (follow-up) clean up ng lint warnings
2021-03-04 Mike Risherlp 1848579 filtering interval columns
2021-02-27 Garry CollumLP1912380 Bottom Pagination for Catalog Search
2021-02-26 Mike RisherLP1843969 Composite Attribute Entry Defs
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Hold pickup lib does not require have-users...
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Staff catalog honors org-not-pickup-lib
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Org select now supports disabled org unit
2021-02-15 Bill EricksonLP1468132 MARC search honors search scope
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1907115 MARC editor avoid ID collisions
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1907115 MARC editor correctly absorbs breaker changes
2021-02-10 Jane SandbergLp 1913219: Use window.open for staff catalog edit...
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1910409 MARC Batch Edit Allows CSV Column 0
2021-02-09 Bill EricksonLP1881650 Staff catalog TCN includes delete records
2021-02-09 Garry CollumLP1908763 Survey column sorting broken
2021-02-09 Mike Risherlp1847519 Port of Circulation Limit Set UI
2021-02-09 Bill EricksonLP1907286 Staff catalog sets last retrieved record
2021-02-09 Terran McCannaLP1908724 Staff Catalog Sort by PubDate Wording
2021-02-09 Jane SandbergLP1907923: Move course materials button to more suitabl...
2021-02-09 Terran McCannaLP1900159 Staff Catalog Typo - No Results
2021-02-09 Jane SandbergLP 1907921: Add a patron search button to course admin...
2021-02-09 Jane SandbergLP 1816655: Add a patron search button to create bookin...
2021-01-29 Jane SandbergLP1857351 (follow-up): Fix typo that led to failing...
2021-01-28 Michele MorganLP1855761 Fix additional occurrences of 'Succeessfully'
2021-01-28 Terran McCannaLP1855761 Another typo fix
2021-01-28 Terran McCannaLP1855761 Typo when creating new carousel mapping
2021-01-28 Bill EricksonLP1901760 Shared Worker minor lint repair
2021-01-28 Bill EricksonLP1894131 Sticky catalog holdings org select
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: fix field order for Course Terms
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: fix field order for Recurring Fine Rules...
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: admin-page grid column order respects speci...
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: reorder a few other fm-editors
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: set basic admin interface field order using...
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: refactor basic admin component
2021-01-22 Bill EricksonLP1901760 Improve SharedWorker non-support handling...
2021-01-11 Bill EricksonLP1911031 Staff catalog honors pickup lib change
2021-01-06 Jane SandbergLP1889128 (follow-up) associating inputs and labels
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Activation date repair and form reset handling
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 <eg-date-select/> clearable via model
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Support user settings for SMS prefs
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Clear patron barcode on staff hold
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Place holds honors default phone
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Reset hold recipient info after success
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Confirm data loaded before Place Hold activated
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Holds reset repairs and making space
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Staffcat holds recipient / multi-hold repairs
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Staffcat hold form reset option
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Staffcat support placing multiple holds
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1887429 Holds supports circ.staff_placed_holds_fallba...
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1887429 Properly handle user settings in staffcat...
2021-01-05 Bill EricksonLP1846042 Angular grid filter dropdown improvements
2021-01-05 Galen CharltonLP#1846042: take advantage of ngbDropdown container...
2021-01-05 Galen CharltonLP#1846042: turn on grid filtering for Angular admin...
2021-01-05 Bill EricksonLP1846042 Angular grid filters display streamlining
2020-12-26 Galen CharltonLP#1855457: make grid headers in Angular admin interfac...
2020-11-30 Chris SharpLP#1398107: Add i18n attribute to alert text
2020-11-30 Chris SharpLP#1398107: Add header to generic alerts.
2020-10-23 Bill EricksonLP1901038 Repair Angular catalog journal title search
2020-10-14 Jason BoyerLP1882828: (follow-up) Add static parameter to ViewChil...
2020-10-07 Galen Charltonupdate Czech translation for Angular staff client
2020-09-25 Bill EricksonLP1851882 Angular catalog recall/force/part holds
2020-09-24 Bill EricksonLP1872867 Staff catalog filters use search labels
2020-09-24 Jane SandbergLP1882828: Fix issues with displaying cataloged resourc...
2020-09-23 Bill EricksonLP1883126 Angular accesskey sort repair
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1896629 Angular catalog deleted record indicators
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1885767 Staff catalog exclude electronic option
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1892111 Staff Catalog Digital Bookplates
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1896081 Repair staff catalog filter expansion error