LP#1838995: (follow-up) adjust ID for new permission
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / eg2 /
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1913219: (follow-up) clean up ng lint warning
2021-03-08 Galen CharltonLP#1908763: (follow-up) clean up ng lint warnings
2021-03-04 Mike Risherlp 1848579 filtering interval columns
2021-02-27 Garry CollumLP1912380 Bottom Pagination for Catalog Search
2021-02-26 Mike RisherLP1843969 Composite Attribute Entry Defs
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Hold pickup lib does not require have-users...
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Staff catalog honors org-not-pickup-lib
2021-02-16 Bill EricksonLP1908743 Org select now supports disabled org unit
2021-02-15 Bill EricksonLP1468132 MARC search honors search scope
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1907115 MARC editor avoid ID collisions
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1907115 MARC editor correctly absorbs breaker changes
2021-02-10 Jane SandbergLp 1913219: Use window.open for staff catalog edit...
2021-02-10 Bill EricksonLP1910409 MARC Batch Edit Allows CSV Column 0
2021-02-09 Bill EricksonLP1881650 Staff catalog TCN includes delete records
2021-02-09 Garry CollumLP1908763 Survey column sorting broken
2021-02-09 Mike Risherlp1847519 Port of Circulation Limit Set UI
2021-02-09 Bill EricksonLP1907286 Staff catalog sets last retrieved record
2021-02-09 Terran McCannaLP1908724 Staff Catalog Sort by PubDate Wording
2021-02-09 Jane SandbergLP1907923: Move course materials button to more suitabl...
2021-02-09 Terran McCannaLP1900159 Staff Catalog Typo - No Results
2021-02-09 Jane SandbergLP 1907921: Add a patron search button to course admin...
2021-02-09 Jane SandbergLP 1816655: Add a patron search button to create bookin...
2021-01-29 Jane SandbergLP1857351 (follow-up): Fix typo that led to failing...
2021-01-28 Michele MorganLP1855761 Fix additional occurrences of 'Succeessfully'
2021-01-28 Terran McCannaLP1855761 Another typo fix
2021-01-28 Terran McCannaLP1855761 Typo when creating new carousel mapping
2021-01-28 Bill EricksonLP1901760 Shared Worker minor lint repair
2021-01-28 Bill EricksonLP1894131 Sticky catalog holdings org select
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: fix field order for Course Terms
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: fix field order for Recurring Fine Rules...
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: admin-page grid column order respects speci...
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: reorder a few other fm-editors
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: set basic admin interface field order using...
2021-01-28 Jane SandbergLP 1857351: refactor basic admin component
2021-01-22 Bill EricksonLP1901760 Improve SharedWorker non-support handling...
2021-01-11 Bill EricksonLP1911031 Staff catalog honors pickup lib change
2021-01-06 Jane SandbergLP1889128 (follow-up) associating inputs and labels
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Activation date repair and form reset handling
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 <eg-date-select/> clearable via model
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Support user settings for SMS prefs
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Clear patron barcode on staff hold
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Place holds honors default phone
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Reset hold recipient info after success
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Confirm data loaded before Place Hold activated
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Holds reset repairs and making space
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Staffcat holds recipient / multi-hold repairs
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Staffcat hold form reset option
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1889128 Staffcat support placing multiple holds
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1887429 Holds supports circ.staff_placed_holds_fallba...
2021-01-06 Bill EricksonLP1887429 Properly handle user settings in staffcat...
2021-01-05 Bill EricksonLP1846042 Angular grid filter dropdown improvements
2021-01-05 Galen CharltonLP#1846042: take advantage of ngbDropdown container...
2021-01-05 Galen CharltonLP#1846042: turn on grid filtering for Angular admin...
2021-01-05 Bill EricksonLP1846042 Angular grid filters display streamlining
2020-12-26 Galen CharltonLP#1855457: make grid headers in Angular admin interfac...
2020-11-30 Chris SharpLP#1398107: Add i18n attribute to alert text
2020-11-30 Chris SharpLP#1398107: Add header to generic alerts.
2020-10-23 Bill EricksonLP1901038 Repair Angular catalog journal title search
2020-10-14 Jason BoyerLP1882828: (follow-up) Add static parameter to ViewChil...
2020-10-07 Galen Charltonupdate Czech translation for Angular staff client
2020-09-25 Bill EricksonLP1851882 Angular catalog recall/force/part holds
2020-09-24 Bill EricksonLP1872867 Staff catalog filters use search labels
2020-09-24 Jane SandbergLP1882828: Fix issues with displaying cataloged resourc...
2020-09-23 Bill EricksonLP1883126 Angular accesskey sort repair
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1896629 Angular catalog deleted record indicators
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1885767 Staff catalog exclude electronic option
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1892111 Staff Catalog Digital Bookplates
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1896081 Repair staff catalog filter expansion error
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1896083 Staff catalog handles not-found barcodes
2020-09-22 Bill EricksonLP1896512 Angular retrieve record by ID/TCN
2020-09-17 Galen Charltonmake npm run export-strings happier
2020-09-15 Galen CharltonLP#1811710: (follow-up) update loadChildren for hopeles...
2020-09-15 Galen CharltonLP#1879983: add Curbside Pickup to the Angular navbar
2020-09-15 Galen CharltonLP#1811710: (follow-up) fix lint issues
2020-09-15 Jason Etheridgelp1811710: minor fixes to other code
2020-09-15 Jason Etheridgelp1811710: hide Pre-Fetch for now
2020-09-15 Jason Etheridgelp1811710: minor tweaks to the eg2 holds grid
2020-09-15 Jason Etheridgelp1811710: toward hopeless UI
2020-09-15 Jason Etheridgelp1811710: toward hopeless holds, backend and existing...
2020-09-15 Galen CharltonLP#1849212: (follow-up) fix adding an item to a course...
2020-09-15 Galen CharltonLP#1849212: (follow-up) fixes to removing users from...
2020-09-15 Galen CharltonLP#1849212: (follow-up) fix edit course user dialog
2020-09-15 Galen CharltonLP#1849212: (follow-up) refresh grid upon removing...
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: don't send empty courseId arrays to pcrud
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: Workstation ou should be the default owning...
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: Clarify default values in MARC simplified...
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: lint
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: Use a set list of roles for course users
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: improve fleshing in course service
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: update loadChildren syntax
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: Improvements to the Simplified Marc Editor
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: Grid improvements
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP 1849212: Add course term functionality
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: allow call number change when course is...
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: display course information in catalog for...
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: Improvements to course materials admin UI
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: Use ngbNav instead of deprecated ngbTabset
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: Allow users to detach all types of materials...
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1849212: Users can attach brief bib records and e...
2020-09-14 Jane SandbergLP1859728: Course edit page fm-editor should have the...