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2006-09-06 mikerbilling
2006-09-05 pinesvirt fields
2006-09-05 pinesremoving voids from the picture
2006-09-02 ericksonmade hold_transit_copy virtual on transit_copy
2006-09-01 mikermore typos
2006-09-01 ericksonremoved dupe field
2006-09-01 mikertypo
2006-09-01 mikeradding notification virt fields
2006-09-01 mikeroops ... typos
2006-09-01 ericksonchanged to suit our env
2006-09-01 ericksonfixed index collision
2006-09-01 mikerrefactored might_have rels; added tons of missing relat...
2006-08-30 mikermoney.desk_payment_view support
2006-08-28 ericksoninit-style script for openils - has code for SIP startup
2006-08-25 mikeradding support for non-cat inhouse use
2006-08-25 mikerimport fixups
2006-08-21 ericksonadded latest circ to flesh copy call and displaying...
2006-08-21 mikeradding vr_format to rec_descriptor
2006-08-18 mikeradding phone and email to aou
2006-08-17 mikeradding virt field "payment_type" to payments
2006-08-16 mikerde-smartifying dbd::pg and adding user payment objects
2006-08-16 mikercashdrawer summary objects
2006-08-16 mikeradding "usergroup" to grp_tree so we can protect people...
2006-08-14 ericksonmoved currency to config, fleshed available method
2006-08-14 ericksonupdated some logging, added script support to SIP for...
2006-08-11 ericksonadded org holds address, updated default layout some
2006-08-10 ericksonupdated template to contain the email sending/recipient...
2006-08-09 ericksonbasic hold notify template
2006-08-04 mikerou proximity stuff
2006-08-04 mikeradding cancel_time support to hold_request
2006-08-02 ericksonmade application_perm non-virtual
2006-08-02 mikeradding support for group application permissions
2006-07-31 mikeradding entry_maps field for the link
2006-07-27 mikeradding "deleted" to actor.usr
2006-07-14 ericksonadded the supports chunk
2006-07-14 ericksonchanged name to prevent clobber on install
2006-07-13 ericksonadding example sip config
2006-07-13 mikerfm update
2006-07-05 mikertypo ... and new field
2006-07-05 ericksonrolling back children insertion because it already...
2006-07-05 ericksonadded group tree children
2006-07-04 mikerminor edits -- syncing with cvs
2006-07-02 mikerdb agnostic field weighting, take 1
2006-07-01 mikerupdating the JS script runner, and the worm to match
2006-06-30 ericksonadded billings and payments as virtual fields to grocer...
2006-06-30 ericksonmoved billings and payments into the fields set for...
2006-06-30 mikeradding groups to au
2006-06-29 mikerupdate for user stat-cat fleshing
2006-06-29 mikerIDL based fieldmapper -- Pg libs are no longer needed...
2006-06-28 mikeradding collections related stuff everywhere...
2006-06-28 mikerfixing some minor issues in parts of supercat
2006-06-26 mikerupdating "char" column types
2006-06-23 mikerage protection stuff
2006-06-23 mikercorrecting view definition
2006-06-23 mikerbaseline IDL file for cstore
2006-06-19 ericksonsearch cache timeout is now configurable
2006-06-02 ericksonadded search formats to the z search, added lccn, item_type
2006-05-10 ericksonremoving deprecated code
2006-04-05 ericksonadding penalty server - basically works
2006-04-03 ericksonchanged login type 'override' to 'temp' for clarity
2006-02-21 ericksonadded default z service
2006-02-03 ericksonupdating with new circ rules file names
2006-01-27 ericksonbroke the permit portion of circ into patron and copy...
2006-01-25 ericksonadded override login default time
2006-01-18 mikerconfig adjustment for new JS backend scripts and libs
2005-12-29 ericksonOpenILS::Application::Search::AddedContent is now just...
2005-12-12 ericksonloading auth, math, and dbmath as C modules by default now
2005-12-07 ericksonadded auth timeouts to config file
2005-12-06 ericksonAdded setting file example to config
2005-11-01 ericksonadded the <language> block to the opensrf app config...
2005-08-24 ericksonmakes opensrf.settings stateless by default
2005-08-22 ericksonmoved router, gateways to a single config file opensrf_...
2005-08-17 ericksonchanged port
2005-07-27 ericksonfixed bug in opensrf_all
2005-07-25 ericksoncopying over the openils config file
2005-07-25 ericksonmoved to .example
2005-07-25 ericksonexample opensrf config for openils