correction to transit perms
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / examples / fm_IDL.xml
2008-03-11 mikercorrection to transit perms
2008-03-11 mikerpermacrud for config.metabib_field
2008-03-07 mikeradding circ_item_list example reporter view; installing...
2008-02-15 mikeradding hold matrix model data; adding permacrud validat...
2008-02-15 mikeradding test result virtual class and fixing cut-n-paste...
2008-02-14 mikerin-DB circ matrix models (a couple more to go)
2008-02-07 mikercross-port the per-object perm scheme from the acq...
2008-01-06 ericksonchanged create_date to create_time to match column...
2008-01-04 ericksonadded fields where links existed for nonexistant fields...
2008-01-03 ericksonfixed typo -- tiemstamp
2007-12-06 dbsTypo: identifcation -> identification
2007-12-05 mikerarg. voided is already there in the IDL
2007-12-05 mikeradding voided field to money::payment -- another log...
2007-11-20 mikeradding "create_date" field to circulations to track...
2007-11-06 mikeradding internationalization core table to the IDL;...
2007-11-06 mikeradding a view for overdue circs to simplify reporting
2007-11-06 mikerfirst round of i18n magic in cstore
2007-10-30 mikeradding work_payment type and the /strong/ urging of...
2007-10-29 dbsSpelling improvements in reporter field labels
2007-09-26 mikerit would seem that "do" is reserved ... never seen...
2007-09-26 mikerit wants AS ...
2007-09-26 mikerI was wrong ... XML::Simple was complaining about me...
2007-09-26 mikerXML::Simple is complaining about the namespace ...
2007-09-26 mikerinitial test of in-xml views for reporting
2007-09-12 mikerfrozen hold auto-thaw support ... should have been...
2007-08-15 mikercut-n-paste error; fixing array position
2007-08-15 mikersettings server controlled opt-in functionallity for...
2007-08-02 mikertypo found by Bill in an IDL reporting view description
2007-07-05 mikertypo and attribute declaration spacing fix pointed...
2007-06-20 mikeradding flattened open transaction view for the reporter
2007-06-18 mikeradding create_time field to FM IDL
2007-06-18 mikercorrecting the definition of the new billing_location...
2007-06-18 mikerAdding billing location to the open billable transactio...
2007-06-18 mikeradding backend and object support for hold freezing
2007-05-29 mikertable labels
2007-05-28 mikerTypo patch from Dan Scott, correcting the Namespace...
2007-05-25 mikerone more missing datatype
2007-05-25 mikerarg ... 2 typos. thank you, xmllint
2007-05-25 mikeradding more datatypes
2007-05-12 mikercorrecting patron link in rccc view definition
2007-05-10 mikeruse the correct datatype for a text field
2007-05-09 mikeradding links to the stat-cat views
2007-05-09 mikergiving cstore access to the legacy sc1 and sc2 views
2007-05-09 mikeradding dewey range and block extraction to the classic...
2007-05-09 mikermaking the new view a core template type
2007-05-09 mikercordoning off the PINES-y stuff; making CAT[12] dropdow...
2007-05-09 mikeradding definition for PINES-ish circ view
2007-05-09 mikeradding tons of labels and datatypes
2007-04-24 mikerack ... forgot to close the class tag. all better now
2007-04-24 mikerwork_ou code, schema and IDL setup
2007-03-07 mikerrenameing clashing "search" field to "search_field"
2007-02-25 mikeradding support for faceting and searching separately
2007-02-21 mikeradding library-hiding support
2007-02-03 mikeradding eligible copy map to hold IDL class
2006-12-05 ericksonmoved array positions back into range - 3
2006-12-05 ericksonmoved array positions back into range (again)
2006-12-05 ericksonmoved array positions back into range
2006-12-03 pinesadding payment views and setting as core tables
2006-12-01 mikertypo -- should link to the transaction, not the payment...
2006-12-01 mikeradding billing and payment totals views
2006-12-01 pinesadding hold_request_record view
2006-11-08 mikerincorrect relationship type for Circ Type
2006-11-02 mikeradding circulation type; adding core plain-transit...
2006-10-27 mikertrimming the simple record bits to something managable...
2006-10-23 ericksonfixed some mispelling
2006-10-18 mikeradding target copy for hold transit link; attempting...
2006-10-09 mikeradding demographic link to au
2006-10-09 ericksonmoved link node to the right place
2006-10-09 mikerpile of reporting updates
2006-10-02 ericksonchanged dob to timestamp
2006-10-02 mikerupdating for the reporter
2006-10-02 mikerupdating for the reporter
2006-10-01 ericksonfixed name vs. label typo
2006-09-29 mikerupdating/adding links
2006-09-28 mikeradding reporter.simple_record
2006-09-28 mikerreporting stuff ...
2006-09-28 mikeradding float and int datatypes
2006-09-27 mikeradding name and desc to
2006-09-26 ericksonadded description field for reporter::template and...
2006-09-25 mikerfinishing controller logic, and adding to fm_IDL.xml
2006-09-22 mikerlost a field name ... oops
2006-09-22 mikeradding datatype="bool" where apropriate
2006-09-21 mikermissing a label
2006-09-21 mikeradding reporter:selector attribute and a pile of labels...
2006-09-20 mikerbig old pile of reporter data updates
2006-09-18 mikeranother pile of data entry ... blech
2006-09-18 mikera pile of data entry ... blech
2006-09-06 mikerbilling
2006-09-05 pinesvirt fields
2006-09-05 pinesremoving voids from the picture
2006-09-02 ericksonmade hold_transit_copy virtual on transit_copy
2006-09-01 mikermore typos
2006-09-01 ericksonremoved dupe field
2006-09-01 mikertypo
2006-09-01 mikeradding notification virt fields
2006-09-01 mikeroops ... typos
2006-09-01 ericksonfixed index collision
2006-09-01 mikerrefactored might_have rels; added tons of missing relat...
2006-08-30 mikermoney.desk_payment_view support
2006-08-25 mikeradding support for non-cat inhouse use