fixed some typos, logic errors
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2005-07-20 phasefxhold capture on checkin
2005-07-20 phasefxremoved some debugging
2005-07-20 phasefxremove alert
2005-07-20 phasefxtweaks
2005-07-20 phasefxuse DOM to remove listbox rows instead of listbox metho...
2005-07-20 ericksonmaking the install script break out opensrf, openils...
2005-07-20 phasefxsnapshot of listbox before blowing it away with somethi...
2005-07-20 phasefxlittle faster
2005-07-20 phasefxmore billing interface. currently unfinished
2005-07-20 phasefxanother take at PatronBills. Different kludge for...
2005-07-20 phasefxI forgot that handle_error looks for Bill's ex objects...
2005-07-19 phasefxDon't need Bill owing .9000000000000004
2005-07-19 phasefxexample handling of possible hold capture on checkin
2005-07-19 phasefxattention to detail
2005-07-19 phasefxadd everything to list except No Circulation
2005-07-19 phasefxno unmodifiable cancel button
2005-07-19 phasefxwrong args
2005-07-19 phasefxtypo, and checkin handling
2005-07-19 phasefxsome status checking
2005-07-19 phasefxmore flexible
2005-07-19 phasefxalert windows
2005-07-19 phasefxlistbox and firefox bug, bill interface incomplete
2005-07-19 phasefxtry/catch
2005-07-19 phasefxuser_request is now optionally async'able. Aggressive...
2005-07-18 phasefxpatron_bills, currently broken
2005-07-18 phasefxname, not value
2005-07-18 phasefxhome group instead of profile
2005-07-18 phasefxwrong call, and typo
2005-07-18 phasefxget patron bills for real
2005-07-18 phasefxbill mockup, grid list tweaks
2005-07-18 phasefxFieldmapper:: + cdbi field was just wrong
2005-07-18 phasefxgrid_list
2005-07-18 phasefxabstract interfaces are no longer standalone
2005-07-18 phasefxdon't need this anymore
2005-07-17 phasefxholds interface
2005-07-17 phasefxauto-gen string bundle properties from selected fields
2005-07-17 phasefxauto-generate paged_tree columns from selected fieldmap...
2005-07-17 phasefxfieldmapper viewer
2005-07-17 phasefxArray.concat()
2005-07-17 phasefxchanges forced on new code by legacy code
2005-07-17 phasefxchanges need to force legacy code work
2005-07-17 phasefxoriginal legacy (ie. prototype) cat code
2005-07-17 phasefxlegacy cat
2005-07-17 phasefxcheckin
2005-07-17 phasefxtweaks
2005-07-17 phasefxconcat arrays
2005-07-17 phasefxsegregate stuff during this code migration
2005-07-17 phasefxMake sure that the last async fired is the one rendered
2005-07-16 phasefxcosmetic
2005-07-16 phasefxasync the patron status sidepanel for patron search...
2005-07-16 phasefxsdump tweak
2005-07-16 phasefxsdump tweak, and separating RemoteRequest wrappers...
2005-07-16 phasefxselect and focus first result on patron search
2005-07-16 phasefxupdate status and PatronItems with each checkout
2005-07-16 phasefxmisc tweaks
2005-07-16 phasefxstamp tweak
2005-07-16 phasefxversion stamping. I don't know how to use the cvs...
2005-07-15 phasefxnesting/bundling is good. checkdigit stuff seems finicky.
2005-07-15 phasefxcheckin, maybe
2005-07-15 phasefxfocus and selection for scanbox
2005-07-15 phasefxwrong crud
2005-07-15 phasefxcrud
2005-07-15 phasefxsnap
2005-07-15 phasefxoverlay insertion points.. wrong overlay
2005-07-15 phasefxcheckout, maybe
2005-07-15 phasefxpatron display and search working. have to remove...
2005-07-15 phasefxsimplify things by not using commands with "cloned...
2005-07-15 phasefxclone paged_tree for patron_search_results
2005-07-15 phasefxgenerated now
2005-07-15 phasefxwill be a derived file now like patron_items
2005-07-15 phasefxcontext menus
2005-07-15 phasefxcirc_tree is now circ_utils. patron_items is what...
2005-07-15 phasefxgetting patron_display working
2005-07-15 phasefxforgot this. This object would probably end up as...
2005-07-15 phasefxwrong file
2005-07-14 phasefxgoing back to heavy overlay use instead of nested ifram...
2005-07-14 ericksonour little opac is growing up
2005-07-14 phasefxmozilla install still broken. I'd really like a chance...
2005-07-14 phasefxrefactor
2005-07-14 phasefxfilter console, refactor, and hideable page tree navbar
2005-07-14 phasefxput unregister window back in
2005-07-14 phasefxfilter console
2005-07-14 phasefxclear screen for shell
2005-07-14 phasefxwrong variable
2005-07-14 phasefxis it POEM if the end result is still slow? :)
2005-07-13 phasefxaggressive use of timeouts. The patron display is...
2005-07-13 phasefxtrying to improve performance
2005-07-13 phasefxbetter debugging
2005-07-13 phasefxtested using new_document = template_document.clone...
2005-07-13 phasefxbug with empty string search values
2005-07-13 phasefxhorrible buggy things happen when you forget these :)
2005-07-13 phasefxstrings used in the circ_tree
2005-07-12 phasefxcirc_tree
2005-07-12 phasefxtypo and testing
2005-07-12 phasefxcommand buttons
2005-07-12 phasefxmake columns draggable and resizable
2005-07-12 phasefxrefactor
2005-07-12 phasefxsome all or nothing sdump options
2005-07-12 phasefxbetter handling of un-JSON-fiable objects
2005-07-12 phasefxformatting