added some logging to test
[Evergreen.git] / Evergreen / xul / staff_client / server / patron / ue.js
2007-01-17 ericksonadded some logging to test
2007-01-17 ericksonadded unload handler to prevent navigating away when...
2006-11-02 ericksondisabling mark-lost and password reset buttons if you...
2006-10-25 ericksonfixed bug which caused the user editor to alert errors
2006-10-13 ericksonfixed bug in user editor which prevented the expire_dat...
2006-09-24 ericksonclearing invalid cards from the cards() array when...
2006-09-19 ericksonadded log line
2006-09-13 ericksonmaking sure xul is updated in all cases where possible
2006-09-06 ericksonmore refresh testing
2006-09-06 ericksontesting page refresh logic
2006-09-06 ericksonadded some debugging
2006-09-02 ericksonfixed password verification for existing users
2006-08-17 ericksonfixed bug in group display
2006-08-17 ericksondisplaying ident2 (parant / guardian) when editing...
2006-08-16 ericksonadded evergreen branch of user editor