printer debugging.. the oki and mozilla just had to be able to talk fonts. yay
[Evergreen.git] / Evergreen / staff_client / chrome / content / evergreen / util / print.js
2005-11-18 phasefxprinter debugging.. the oki and mozilla just had to...
2005-11-18 phasefxtweaks for real spine label printer
2005-11-15 phasefx*** empty log message ***
2005-11-15 phasefxmisc templating
2005-11-15 phasefxmisc printing
2005-10-01 phasefxhelp with debug
2005-08-05 phasefxbug #6, receipt printing
2005-07-25 phasefxno printer prompt on receipt printing
2005-07-25 phasefxsome circ tweaks
2005-07-25 phasefxreprint last receipt action
2005-07-25 phasefxcheckout receipt in the template editor
2005-07-25 phasefxcheckout receipt fix, and don't treat item already...
2005-07-25 phasefxfirst try at checkout receipt
2005-07-25 phasefxthis.focus() started to equate mw.focus(). But it...
2005-07-25 phasefxtry this on windows
2005-07-25 phasefxitems out receipt from patron display
2005-07-25 phasefxtemplate tweaks
2005-07-25 phasefxreceipt template editor
2005-07-25 phasefxreceipt template editor
2005-07-24 phasefxmore receipt templating
2005-07-24 phasefxsome date stuff, and checkin receipts
2005-07-24 phasefxah, my favorite.. the timeout
2005-07-24 phasefxtry this in windows
2005-07-24 phasefxxulrunner brings old print routines. Let's try this...
2005-06-18 phasefxsome smarter debugging
2005-06-18 phasefxsome routines for printing