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2005-08-29 phasefxgapines.org
2005-08-29 phasefxdetails. No 8080. chain_exec
2005-08-23 phasefxclean this up later. Main problem is that I was trying...
2005-08-22 phasefxfirst attempt at reconciling staff client code with...
2005-07-27 phasefxfinal stamp before branch
2005-07-27 phasefxstamp. time for branch?
2005-07-27 phasefxIt's alpha. Maybe. Probably. Pure laziness that...
2005-07-27 phasefxRC2. accelerator keys
2005-07-27 phasefxRC1 for Brad
2005-07-26 phasefxsplit build and packaging so parent Makefile could...
2005-07-26 phasefxtweak so that this Makefile can be called from parent...
2005-07-26 phasefxstamp. html on print, not on alert
2005-07-26 phasefxstamp
2005-07-25 phasefxstamp
2005-07-23 phasefxworking on surveys
2005-07-22 phasefxworking on rendering surveys
2005-07-22 phasefxdebugging alerts for use in Window. cash drawer stub...
2005-07-20 phasefxhold capture interface
2005-07-19 phasefxlistbox and firefox bug, bill interface incomplete
2005-07-17 phasefxholds interface
2005-07-16 phasefxstamp tweak
2005-07-16 phasefxversion stamping. I don't know how to use the cvs...
2005-07-15 phasefxcheckin, maybe
2005-07-15 phasefxcheckout, maybe
2005-07-15 phasefxclone paged_tree for patron_search_results
2005-07-15 phasefxwrong file
2005-07-14 phasefxgoing back to heavy overlay use instead of nested ifram...
2005-06-18 phasefxjust in case, for xulrunner
2005-06-18 phasefxdon't do the rename file thing
2005-06-18 phasefxoh, that's what I was forgetting. Really, the staff...
2005-06-17 phasefxNot sure what else to do with this