45 hours ago Yamil SuarezDocs: for new "Imported As" column in Vandelay queue... master
47 hours ago Kathy LussierSmall typo fix for Blu-Ray spelling
47 hours ago Snigdha DagarUpdated formats
2 days ago Ben ShumUpdate core committer information on the staff client...
2 days ago Chris SharpLP#1234927: Pluralizing link names to follow convention.
2 days ago Chris SharpLP#1234927 Reporter needs Item -> Combined Aged and...
2 days ago Chris SharpLP#1371173: Reporter: Classic Item List needs link...
2 days ago Ben ShumMore additions to 2.7 Release Notes (part 2)
2 days ago Kathy LussierMore additions to 2.7 Release Notes
2 days ago Kathy Lussierlp1271198 Strip browse and facet parameters from links
2 days ago Jason StephensonLP 1319560: Another fix for summary.tt2.
2 days ago Jason StephensonLP 1319560: Fix the disappearing hold button.
2 days ago Jason StephensonLP 1319560: Silence template error messages in Apache...
2 days ago Mike RylanderLP#1251347: Get the most recent session locale for...
2 days ago Steven ChanFix LP904860, Cannot print a patron address label
2 days ago Pasi KallinenLP#1231634: Mark Floating Groups Config UI strings...
2 days ago Bill EricksonLP#1331127 Repair sort logic of previous issuances
2 days ago Jason StephensonLP 1369128: Add delete permission to fm_IDL.xml for...
2 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1370630: don't log mod_deflate actions by default
2 days ago Remington SteedLP#1361801: Add required fields to serial issuance...
2 days ago Jeff GodinLP#1246859: Improve username flow for staged users
2 days ago Bill EricksonLP#1356576 repair sip date_format config typo
2 days ago Kathy LussierLP1309131 - Fix series link
2 days ago Bill EricksonLP#1325720 Repair fund rollover year selector query
2 days ago Steven CallenderLP#1292129: Removed deleted call numbers from the searc...
2 days ago Jason StephensonLP 1350345: marc_export blows up on bad records.
2 days ago Galen CharltonLP#1358916: refuse to retrieve over-large MARC records...
2 days ago Jason BoyerLP#1340947: Finish support in oils_ctl.sh for -y and...
2 days ago Chris SharpLP#1357364: Explictly create the extension in the ...
2 days ago Chris SharpLP#1357364: Allow for sites that may have the intarray...
3 days ago Angela Kilsdonk2.7 doc asciidoc fix
3 days ago Yamil SuarezDocs: updated root.txt to point to 2.7 release notes
3 days ago Angela Kilsdonk2.7 documentation from ESI
4 days ago Kathy LussierRelease notes repair to fix PDF build
8 days ago Kathy LussierDocumentation: Lost and Paid Status
8 days ago Jennifer PringleDocs: EDI admin section updated with new screenshots...
8 days ago Josh StomproDocs: Fix filenames to match references in the docs...
8 days ago Kate ButlerDocs: Staff generated penalties documentation
8 days ago Kate ButlerDocs: Staff initials settings for patron notes
8 days ago Yamil SuarezDocs: Documented change to Holds Shelf Expire Report
8 days ago Kathy LussierMinor reparis to release notes and merge parts doscs
8 days ago Angela KilsdonkBitesize doc change: .xlsx report output
8 days ago Bill EricksonLP#1350042 browser unit tests use repo fm_IDL2js.xsl
9 days ago SnigdhaDLP#1294269 Docs: Fixed small documentation formatting...
10 days ago Ben ShumAcknowledge new contributor in 2.7 release notes
10 days ago Ben ShumTranslation updates - newpot
10 days ago Ben ShumTranslation updates - po files
10 days ago Jason BoyerLP#1241644: Remove xact_finish IS NULL checks from...
10 days ago Bill EricksonLP#1081551 Serials batch recv. dupe barcode check
10 days ago Kathy Lussierlp1335958 Remove parameters from current checkouts...
10 days ago Dan PearlLP#1190508: Rename certain image files to avoid Ad...
10 days ago Bill EricksonLP#1350042 grid print CSV repair; all cols repair
10 days ago Ben ShumMove new color note to release notes 2.7
10 days ago Kathy Lussierlp1261791 Adjustment to background color for mobile...
10 days ago Kathy LussierRelease notes entry for new mobile-header-text-color
10 days ago Suzanne PaternoLP 1261791 - Mobile Search links for my account screens
11 days ago Josh StomproDocs: Fixed small typo in docs/reports/reporter_daemon.txt
11 days ago Josh StomproDocs: Updated usage of autogen.sh to not use param 'u'
11 days ago Josh StomproDocs: update to 'Address Alerts' feature content
2014-09-05 Kathy LussierRelease notes cleanup
2014-09-04 Remington SteedDocs: Fix filenames to match references in the docs
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 add missing ui-bootstrap dep to Gruntfile
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 Browser client templates/scripts (phase 1)
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 make_release -c for building browser client
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 link opensrf websockets JS scripts
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 browser client apache config additions
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 detect is-staff mode for browser client
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 streaming holds pull list API
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 streaming patron search API
2014-08-29 Bill EricksonLP#1350042 PCRUD access for various IDL classes
2014-08-29 Josh StomproDocs: added Address Alert documentation for local admin...
2014-08-28 Dan ScottFix broken prereq installer for debian wheezy
2014-08-28 Terran McCannaLP#1282783: Use patron hold notification defaults for...
2014-08-28 Michele Morganlp949101 Hold Columns for Item Status
2014-08-28 Dan ScottLP#1362210: Install PostgreSQL packages where we can
2014-08-27 Bill EricksonLP#1306675 TPAC maketext default handler
2014-08-27 Elliot VorisLP#1233757 Correct Spelling Error in Checkout Override...
2014-08-27 Jason EtheridgeLP#1010027: tweak patron columns in patron search interface
2014-08-27 Jason EtheridgeLP#1010027: more internal options for xul lists
2014-08-27 Ben ShumLP#1189556: stamping upgrade script for URL_VERIFY...
2014-08-27 Chris SharpLP#1189556: Fix typo in URL_VERIFY permission description
2014-08-27 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1322341: Count part holds on records
2014-08-27 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1277551: Limit simplified pull list to available...
2014-08-27 Ben ShumLP#1314370: Enable dojo all the time in the catalog
2014-08-27 Blake HendersonLP1277556 Fast Item Add no longer opens record after...
2014-08-27 Liam WhalenLP1084269, LP1050043 Expert Search Fixes
2014-08-27 Kathy Lussierlp1182605 Add sort value for holds interfaces
2014-08-27 Victoria Lewislp1182605 Abstracting out common functionality from...
2014-08-27 Kyle TomitaLP1182605 : LC call numbers sort improperly in tabular...
2014-08-26 Dan WellsFix currently harmless but still confusing sigil error
2014-08-26 Dan WellsLP#1078787 Fix serial scoping in TPAC
2014-08-25 Mike RylanderLP#800478: Stamping upgrade script for fund transfer fix
2014-08-25 Bill EricksonLP#800478 repair logic error in acq fund transfer
2014-08-21 Galen CharltonLP#1359934: prevent error opening patron search form
2014-08-19 Yamil SuarezDocs: Removed use of deprecated file suffix for eg_db_c...
2014-08-14 Ben ShumCompile release notes for Evergreen 2.7.0
2014-08-14 Ben ShumPre-2.7 Release notes cleanup
2014-08-14 Ben ShumFixes for create_release_notes.sh
2014-08-12 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 text input repairs
2014-08-12 Bill EricksonLP#1329503 report edit scheduling repairs