TPAC: Address severe accessibility issues
[Evergreen.git] / Open-ILS / src / templates / opac / myopac / holds.tt2
2013-03-15 Dan ScottTPAC: Address severe accessibility issues
2013-03-15 Michael PetersUse a consistent spelling of "Pickup" throughout the...
2013-02-18 James FournieLet's inch towards valid XHTML by making POST and GET...
2012-10-10 Dan ScottTPAC: Remove noise, misleading text from myopac/holds...
2012-10-03 Thomas BerezanskyTPac: Holds Paging
2012-07-13 Kathy LussierWhen a user views holds in their account, clicking...
2012-01-18 Dan ScottTPAC: Propagate CGI params via mkurl()
2011-12-21 Bill EricksonTPac; display mono part in account holds list/edit
2011-11-09 Bill EricksonTPac; batch hold update detects suspension of captured...
2011-10-20 Bill EricksonTPac; holds format icon follow-up fix
2011-10-20 Bill EricksonTpac; repair format icon display in holds lists
2011-09-13 Dan ScottCSS-ize holds and holds history tabs
2011-09-12 Dan Scottopac-button is more general than submit-button
2011-09-12 Dan ScottUse SUBMIT buttons instead of IMAGE buttons
2011-09-11 Bill EricksonTPac: move hold status chunk to separate template
2011-09-01 Bill EricksonRemove /default/ from template paths