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This is the primary repository for the Evergreen project.

Other points of interest may include:

2 days ago Dan WellsLP 1198465: Load negative balance test transactions... master
2 days ago Dan WellsLP 1198465: Move negative balance test xacts into sampl...
2 days ago Dan WellsLP 1198465: Add missing util function for tests
3 days ago Ben ShumLP#1347807: Release note for "No Image" configuration...
3 days ago Thomas BerezanskyLP#1347807: Add example "No Image" configuration
3 days ago Mike RylanderLP#1465385: Fix some syntax issues with make_release
3 days ago Ben ShumLP#1454879: Release notes for Account Expiration Date...
3 days ago Terran McCannaLP1454879: Add Account Expiration Date to OPAC
3 days ago Bill EricksonLP#1476370 Selfcheck inactivity warning release notes
3 days ago Bill EricksonLP1476370 Selfcheck logout warning, checkout resets
3 days ago Ben ShumLP#1466201: Release note for disabling Google Analytics...
3 days ago Kathy Lussierlp1466201 Disable Google Analytics in the staff client
3 days ago Ben ShumLP#1198465: Stamping upgrade script for conditional...
3 days ago Kathy LussierLP 1198465: Adapt some language in the negative balance...
3 days ago Remington SteedLP 1198465: More tests for conditional negative balances
3 days ago Dan WellsLP 1198465: Make conditional negative balances test...
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