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This is the primary repository for the Evergreen project.

Other points of interest may include:

17 hours ago Bill EricksonForward-porting 2.7.4-2.8.0 DB upgrade master
7 days ago Jason StephensonLP 1435966: Clark Kent should write lock file after...
2015-03-13 Bill EricksonLP#1234220 Stamping DB upgrade copy/ratio messages
2015-03-13 Bill EricksonLP#1234220 hold ratio renewal override perms
2015-03-13 Bill EricksonLP#1234220 Improve hold/copy ratio renewal messages
2015-03-12 Remington SteedDocs: Link optional docs from Apache config
2015-03-12 Remington SteedLP#1413624 Docs: Move Access Handler docs to official...
2015-03-12 Remington SteedLP#1413621 Docs: Minor changes to Apache Rewrite Tricks
2015-03-12 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1413621 Docs: Apache Rewrite Tricks
2015-03-10 Remington SteedDocs: Fix AsciiDoc processing errors
2015-03-06 Yamil SuarezDocs: Eliminate accidental invalid level 5 AsciiDoc...
2015-03-06 Yamil SuarezDocs: Add authority section and Authority subject headi...
2015-03-06 Remington SteedDocs: 2.8 feature correction
2015-03-06 Remington SteedDocs: 2.8 feature "Deleted flag for copy locations"
2015-03-05 Yamil SuarezLP#1403967: show 'subject heading thesaurus' value...
2015-03-03 Ben ShumForward-port 2.7.3-2.7.4 upgrade script
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